[xmca] ISCAR travel question

From: David Preiss <davidpreiss who-is-at uc.cl>
Date: Wed Jul 09 2008 - 08:00:02 PDT

Dear San Diegoans wandering around XMCA,

Maybe you can help me out with this. I am planning my travel to see
you "up there" in September. Is there any way to go from LAX to UCSD
that is not taking a plane from LAX to San Diego or renting a car?
What is the most convenient way to go? Last time I rented a car, but
this time I would rather using public transport or some airport
shuttle system.

Your help will be appreciated,

David Preiss, Ph.D.
Subdirector de Extensión y Comunicaciones
Escuela de Psicología
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Av Vicuña Mackenna - 4860
7820436 Macul
Santiago, Chile

Fono: 3544605
Fax: 3544844
e-mail: davidpreiss@uc.cl
web personal: http://web.mac.com/ddpreiss/
web institucional: http://www.epuc.cl/profesores/dpreiss

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