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Date: Fri Jul 04 2008 - 17:34:01 PDT

BTW, If you register yourself with Google as the Maintainer
of a website, then you can get information back from Google
which go a little further than the usual webstats. Most
interesting would be a feed on the keywords most often
leading people to your site and the keywords your site ranks
highest for. When you know the keywords people are using,
then you can adjust the placing of these keywords in your
database accordingly.


Mike Cole wrote:
> Dear All--
> Today some progress was made in taking next steps in increasing the
> intellectual value of xmca along
> lines discussed previously. We have obtained a small grant for some
> programming help and the first
> step in using it requires that we come up with a list of "key words" that
> might turn up as themes that we
> would want to link in the xmca archive that Etienne built a couple of months
> back (we have not gone public
> with that for fear of causing confusion but in essence it puts all xmca
> notes in a single data base that includes
> all the month-by-month files saved at xmca website; it will serve as the
> meta base for the conceptual linking
> facility now proposed).
> So, please send to XMCA, not to me, your favorite terms and try to to
> repeat, although repetition will be unavoidable
> I suspect. Also, there will items that will need further development. For
> example, the word "object" will need to be
> tagged in some way to differentiate between "I OBJECT to engaging in this
> activity" from "The Object of this activity
> is to improve community intellectual resources" But later for that.
> Here is a quick starter set by way of examples:
> object
> activity
> action
> operation
> mediation
> zpd=zoped=zone of proximal development
> development
> learning
> identity
> contradiction
> power
> gender
> race
> ethnicity
> community
> play
> work
> classroom
> ........................................................................................................................
> Apres vous, le deluge
> mike
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