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On Jul 4, 2008, at 2:55 PM, jose david herazo wrote:

> here a few of them:
> interaction
> apprenticeship
> colaboration
>> Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008 10:17:12 -0700> From:>
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>> Improving XMCA as intellectual resource> > Dear All--> > Today
>> some progress was made in taking next steps in increasing the>
>> intellectual value of xmca along> lines discussed previously. We
>> have obtained a small grant for some> programming help and the
>> first> step in using it requires that we come up with a list of
>> "key words" that> might turn up as themes that we> would want to
>> link in the xmca archive that Etienne built a couple of months>
>> back (we have not gone public> with that for fear of causing
>> confusion but in essence it puts all xmca> notes in a single data
>> base that includes> all the month-by-month files saved at xmca
>> website; it will serve as the> meta base for the conceptual
>> linking> facility now proposed).> > So, please send to XMCA, not
>> to me, your favorite terms and try to to> repeat, although
>> repetition will be unavoidable> I suspect. Also, there will items
>> that will need further development. For> example, the word
>> "object" will need to be> tagged in some way to differentiate
>> between "I OBJECT to engaging in this> activity" from "The Object
>> of this activity> is to improve community intellectual resources"
>> But later for that.> > Here is a quick starter set by way of
>> examples:> > object> activity> action> operation> mediation>
>> zpd=zoped=zone of proximal development> development> learning>
>> identity> contradiction> power> gender> race> ethnicity>
>> community> play> work>
>> classroom> ..........................................................
>> ..............................................................> >
>> Apres vous, le deluge> mike>
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