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April 2008
Shortcut Software is a software development and distribution company focusing on digital photography software. This newsletter is filled with tips, information, and updates on our latest products. We hope that you find this newsletter interesting and informative. Please send your feedback to
In this issue:
SILKYPIX 3.0 - Latest Version
Has Your SILKYPIX Trial Period Expired?
SILKYPIX eBook - Learn SILKYPIX Easily!
SILKYPIX 3.0 - Latest Version
New Additions in Version
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Recording Lens information into the JPEG/TIFF file.
Lens information is recorded into the JPEG/TIFF file along the XMP standard, which was standardized by Adobe Systems Inc.
You can now see the Lens information with SILKYPIX.
New camera’s added:
New support: Canon EOS Kiss X2/Digital Rebel XSi/450D
New support: Pentax K20D
New support: Sony A350

Has Your SILKYPIX Trial Period Expired?
Had an interest in SILKYPIX? did your trial period expired? Would you like more time to really give SILKYPIX a try?
We have some good news for you!
Shortcut software is giving you a second chance to give SILKYPIX a first try.
We know that photographers are always busy and you might not had a chance to test SILKYPIX during your trial period. Also, in the last 12 months a lot of new cameras were introduced to the market and have recently been added to SILKYPIX's supported camera list.
Therefore, we have decided to give all the people that didn’t have to time to really discover the power of SILKYPIX the ability to renew their free trial!
All you have to do is simply send an email to and we will send you back a product code that will give you another 14 day full trial so you can get to know SILKYPIX.
We at Shortcut Software are very confident in SILKYPIX’s ability to produce top notch pictures and know that if you give it a try you will simply be blown away!
SILKYPIX eBook - Learn SILKYPIX with Ease!
SILKYPIX eBook written by fellow photographer John Nevill
For all the SILKYPIX users that are looking for an addition to the manual, highly regarded photographer John Nevill has personally written an eBook introduction to SILKYPIX 3.0.
It is filled with tips, tricks, and examples all in a very educational and easy to understand format.

To check out a sample of the eBook CLICK HERE

or to purchase directly from John Nevill CLICK HERE
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