[xmca] my apologies

From: Varnom Soopand <haidizulfay who-is-at yahoo.com>
Date: Fri Apr 18 2008 - 01:17:58 PDT

Dear Michael Glassman,
  I'm so sorry these two messages , contrary to my expectations , at last with much delay appeared *with* the texts (they already appeared without) while I've posted them to your personal adress and received a *nice , quite comprehensible , say , instructive* answer . I don't know what mechanism has worked favourably . And it's up to you if you decide to let other xmca'ers know about the answer . My deep thanks !
  By the way , X , in the piece , is Spinoza , Y is materialism , and Z is Evald Ilyenko in *Dialectical Logic* 2. Spinoza .
  I suppose I've seen one alta-vista's translation of one of Sasha's articles concerning this 3 centuries or three hundred years mentioned in the quoted piece . I should read it again myself .

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