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Hi Francine, Sammer, and all. Thank you Francine for introducing
Sammer to the group. Actually your interests resonate very well with
mine. I did my doctoral project on identity formation from learning
perspective using socio-historical activity theory. I did an extensive
research in women's lives in rural Tanzania, how their identity has
been shaped by their history, cultural ideas about what a woman is,
how these ideas mediate people's everyday interactions and how women
perceive themselves and live their lives. This is mouthful. In short
that is my work. I am working toward publishing my dissertation into a
book. I have several papers lined up that I want to publish, but I
keep shaping them as I continue learning from many insigtful
discussion in xmca list-serve. So we will have a lot to talk and learn

> Greetings to all:
> I would like to introduce you to my colleague, Sammer Ghouleh,
> who has joined the xmca list-serve. Sammer is the President/Founder
> of Spirit - A Magazine Designed for the Diverse Woman.
> Spirit Magazine has over one million paid subscribers internationally.
> Sammer and I share an interest in gender and multi-cultural issues,
> as well as, in promoting productive dialogues among diverse peoples.
> We have a wonderful opportunity here to use our academic knowledge
> of Vygotskian theory (and all the work it has inspired) to promote
> positive social transformation in some of the most troubled areas of
> human relations. We can open a dialogue that bridges xmca, ISCAR, and over one million
> international readers of Spirit-Magazine. We can stimulate new interest in
> women's ways of knowing, gender communications, productive social
> discourse and creative dialogues.
> Currently, I am writing a paper titled "A Vygotskian Approach to
> Peace Studies and Counter-Terrorism" that will focus on what
> I am calling Prosocial Discourse Training. It is one of the topics that
> we could discuss when I am in San Diego in September for the ISCAR
> Conference.
> Thank you, Mike Cole, for being encouraging me to be active in xmca.
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