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Message from Francine Smolucha:
To facilitate future discussions of creativity, social transformations, and children's play -
it would be helpful for you to see the scope of my work in these areas.
(My academic background, publications, and conferences presentations.)
Mike Cole's e-mail to me mentioned that xmca has a new interest in discussing these
topics - so I have joined the discussion at just the right time. Mike suggested that I post one
of my papers for discussion. I would probably pick the chapter I wrote for Play in Early
Childhood Education (Fall 1997) titled "Post-Piagetian Perspectives on Play." It provides
a good review of the research literature on the Vygotskian perspective (the post-Piagetian
perspective that still dominates play research.)
I am sending you a modified version of my Curriculum Vitae with references to all
my published works. If there is a publications that you are interested in and can not
access through a library request or ERIC, let me know and I will send you a paper
copy or perhaps we can post it on-line. (Some of my most recent conference presentations
have not be published but the papers exist.)
                         CURRICULUM VITAE of Francine Smolucha
                                                        April 14, 2008
                      Selected entries for xmca reference
                The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, 1973-1991
                                Degree: Ph.D., Educational Psychology (Advisor: Jacob Getzels)
                                Conferral of Doctoral Degree: August 30, 1991
                                Dissertation: The Origins of Object Substitutions in Social Pretend Play
                                                   (Chair: Peggy Miller)
                                Foreign Language: Russian
                                Degree: Master of Arts (Social Sciences Division) March, 1975
                                 Master’s Thesis Paper: Paradigm Changes in Psychology
                                                                      (Advisor: Stephen Toulmin)
Post-Doctoral Studies:
                The University of Illinois at Chicago. Summer Institute 2005
                                Department of Psychiatry,
                                International Center on Response to Catastrophe
                                Course: Qualitative Research Methods
                The University of Illinois at Chicago. Spring, 1998
                                Two graduate courses in Women’s Studies
                                (Gender and Multiculturalism; Neurological Differences)
   1976 -2006 Moraine Valley Community College
                                                 Palos Hills, Illinois
                                                 Professor of Psychology
Adjunct Faculty
   1991- 1996 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
                                                Chicago, Illinois
                                                Adjunct Faculty, Educational Psychology
1994- 1996 Governors State University
                                                University Park, Illinois
                                                Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
                                                (Courses: Learning Cognition; History of Psychology)
Spring 2003 “The Teening of Preschool Play”
                                 in O. Saracho and B. Spodek (eds.) Contemporary Perspectives on
                                Play in Early Childhood Education ,pages 153-170.
                                Information Age Publishing, Inc.
Fall 1997 Human Development: A Synergistic Approach
                                (a textbook for a course in life-span human development)
                                 (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
                                 Synergistic Psychology Press
Fall 1997 "Post-Piagetian Perspectives on Play"
                                 (Larry Smolucha, co-author) in
                                   B. Spodek & O. Saracho (eds.)
                                   Play in Early Childhood Education
                                   State University of New York Press
Spr., 1992 "A Reconstruction of Vygotsky's Theory of Creativity"
                                The Creativity Research Journal. Vol 5 (1)
                                "The Relevance of Vygotsky's Theory of Creative Imagination
                                for Contemporary Research on Play"
                                The Creativity Research Journal. Vol 5 (1)
                                "Vygotsky's Theory: Another Paradigm for Psychology, or an
                                Opportunity for a Synergistic Psychology?"
                                The Creativity Research Journal. Vol 5 (1)
                                (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
                                "The Social Origins of Private Speech During Pretend Play"
                                in R. Diaz and L. Berk (Eds.) Private Speech: From Social
                                Interaction to Self-Regulation. New York: Erlbaum Publishing.
Win., 1991 "Imagination and Creativity of the Adolescent" by
                                L.S. Vygotsky (trans. Francine Smolucha)
                                Soviet Psychology, Vol. 29 No.1.
Spr., 1990 "A Vygotskian Perspective on Critical Thinking"
                                 United States Department of Education, Educational Resources
                                Information Center (E.R.I.C.). ERIC Document No. ED 314 770.
                                (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
Spr., 1989 "The Relevance of Vygotsky's Theory of Creative Imagination
                                for Contemporary Research on Play"
                                United States Department of Education, Educational Resources
                                Information Center (E.R.I.C.). ERIC Document No. ED 314 168.
Win., 1990 "Imagination and Creativity in Childhood" by L.S. Vygotsky,
                                (trans. Francine Smolucha)
                                Soviet Psychology Vol. 28 No.1.
Sum., 1989 "Ego-syntonic Aspects of Adult Play and Creativity"
                                United States Department of Education, Educational Resources
                                Information Center (E.R.I.C.). ERIC Document No. ED 308 458.
                                (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
Sum., 1988 "Synergistic Psychology Applied to Artistic Creativity"
                                Published in the Conference Proceedings of the Xth International
                                 Colloquium on Empirical Aesthetics
                                 Barcelona, Sicily, Oct. 1988.
                                Also, published by the United States Department of Education,
                                ERIC Document No. ED 309 118.
                                (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
Sum., 1988 "Synergistic Psychology: Toward a Synthesis of
                                Psychoanalytic and Vygotskian Theories."
                                United States Department of Education, Educational Resources
                                Information Center (E.R.I.C.). ERIC Document No. ED 300 710.
Fall, 1986 "A Fifth Piagetian Stage: The Collaboration between
                                Imagination and Logical Thought in Artistic Creativity"
                                in POETICS: International Review for the Theory of
                                Literature (Volume 15, No. 4-6)
                                North-Holland Publishing Company, Amsterdam,
                                The Netherlands. (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
Fall, 1986 "L.S. Vygotsky's Theory of Creative Imagination"
                                SPIEL: Siegener Periodicum zur Internationalen Empirischen
                                Literaturwissenschaft (Jg. 5(1986), Heft 2)
                                published by the Siegen University, West Germany.
                                Also, published by the United States Department of Education,
                                ERIC Document No. ED 274 919.
                                (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
Fall, 1985 “A Fifth Piagetian Stage:
                                 The Collaboration Between Logical and
                                Analogical Thinking in Artistic Creativity"
                                Visual Arts Research , Vol. 11, No. 2 (Issue 22)
                                (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
Win. , 1984 "Creativity as a Maturation of Symbolic Play"
                                The Journal of Aesthetic Education Vol. 18, No. 4
                                (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
Sum., 1984 "A Review of Howard Gardner's Book Art, Mind, and Brain"
                                The Journal of Aesthetic Education Vol. 18, No. 2.
Sum., 1983 "The Creative Process in Art: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
                                by an Artist and a Psychologist" ERIC Document No. ED 260 008
                                (Larry Smolucha, co-author)
September, 2006 “Internet Simulation on International Negotiations
                                             on Immigration with Psychology Students”
                                            Fordham University Conference
                                                of Psychology NGOs to the United Nations
                                                Fordham University, New York City
September, 2005 “Conflict Prevention on Campuses
                                                  and in Communities”
                                                Fordham University Conference
                                                of Psychology NGOs to the United Nations
                                                Fordham University, New York City
June 2002 “The Teening of Preschool Play”
                                                Fifth Congress of the International Society
                                               Cultural Research and Activity Theory
                                                Vrije University, Amsterdam.
                                                    (Invited speaker)
April 2002 “The Semiology of Childhood”
                                                Biennial Conference of the International Society for
                                                for the Study of Literary Semantics.
                                                University of Birmingham, Unilted Kingdom
November 1997 “A Synergistic Approach to Infant Education”
                                                Symposium on Early Childhood Education
                                                 University of Illinois at Urbana
August, 1997 “Artistic Creativity from a Synergistic Perspective”
                                                Symposium at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association
                                                Chicago, Illinois
April, 1991 “The Origins of Object Substitutions in Children’s Pretend Play”
The Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Chicago, Illinois
April, 1990 “A Vygotsian Approach to Teaching Critical Thinking”
Science and Technology for Education in the 1990's:
                                                U.S. and Soviet Perspectives
                                                Northwestern Pennsylvania Consortium of Soviet Studies
                                                Allegheny College, Meadville, Pennsylvania
April, 1989 "Symposium on Vygotsky’s Theory of Creativity"
                                                National Convention of the Society for Research in
                                                Child Development, Kansas City , Missouri


 Oct., 1988 “A Synergistic Approach to Artistic Creativity”
                                          Xth International Colloquium on Empirical Aesthetics,
                                                Barcelona, Sicily
 Aug,, 1986 “Vygotsky’s Theory of Creativity”
                                           The American Psychological Association,
                                                94th Annual Convention, Washington, D.C.
Aug., 1985 “The Colloboration of Imagination and Logic in Creativity Thinking”
                                            IXth International Colloquium on Empirical Aesthetics
                                                The University of California, Santa Cruz
Apr., 1985 “Creativity as a Fifth Piagetian Stage in Adulthood”
INSEA 8th Regional Congress: Europe, Africa, Middle East
                                                 Bath, England
 Oct., 1984 “A Developmental Model of Creativity”
                                            3rd National Symposium for Research in Art Education
                                                The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mar., 1984 “Creativity as the Maturation of Pretend Play”
                                           National Art Education Association National Convention
                                                Miami, Florida
Sept., 1983 “Artistic Creativity as a Consciously Directed Cognitive Process”
                                            International Conference on Psychology and the Arts
                                                sponsored by the British Psychological Association and the
                                                University of Wales; Cardiff, Wales
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                                          over one million subscribers internationally
                                          dedicated to promoting healthy self-esteem
                                          and social well-being of women and their loved ones

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