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From: Mike Cole <lchcmike who-is-at gmail.com>
Date: Sat Sep 29 2007 - 09:42:00 PDT

Hi All-- There have been a couple of queries about our plans to have a some
video presentations/exchanges around questions of development from at
CHAT perspective. Here is an update.

While we had a few people who indicated that they would contribute by giving
presentations we could stream and save on the web for general use and
later discussion, mostly people responded by saying they would be glad to
see such an event transpire.

In seeking to work out actual coordination of such an event that was
reasonably internationally representative, we ran into problems.

So, for the moment we have abandoned the idea. The key potential content
producers who volunteered have their plates very full, so that about all of
coordination fell on Helsinki and UCSD to coordinate, and both groups feel
limited in their production capacities.

So what we have come down to is a planned event for Oct 22 that will involve
a discussion about conceptions of development in which LCHC at UCSD and
the DWR Lab at Helsinki will have a discussion that we will make available
on the web and we will be happy to discuss further on XMCA if there is
Tentatively, we thought we would focus on the issue of heterogeneity in the
process of development. This theme would include Yrjo's emphasis on
and vertical dimensions of development and LCHC's emphasis on synchronic
heterogeneity (by context/activity) and heterochrony (variability in
aspects of development and their coordination or lack thereof).

Speaking for LCHC (and I suspect the same is true of DWR) we would welcome
other contributions, either of totally different pairings or of streamed
or people who want to pair up and discuss with one of us, or whatever will
promote useful further mutual knowledge building.

That's the story for now.
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