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From: Wolff-Michael Roth <mroth who-is-at>
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 07:22:45 PDT

Dear all,
rather than thinking of English as the language of hegemony and
cultural oppression, think of it as lingua franca, there is no other
spoken as widely---Esperanto never has had wide impact.

Then think of English as a MANY rather than as a one, and in this
move to thinking of speaking Sabir, one of those merchant languages
that mixes languages for the purposes at hand, shifting heterogeneity
to an unfamiliar level, but doing nothing other than what happens at
the heart of English---or French, Spanish, German, Russian.....

Language and culture are mêlées, so don't worry about formalists and


On 28-Sep-07, at 7:10 AM, Juan Felipe Espinosa Cristià wrote:

Dear All,

I feel the same than Nacho!.
It is hard to deal with language and also with complex content.
Anyway, english language is the way to be connected and expand our
in this community.
I want to thanks every thinker of this continuous conversation.

Juan Espinosa
> From Chile

Nacho Montero García-Celay escribió:
> Dear all,
> Mike has suggested me to post the following interchange of
> messages. He is
> the boss... :-)
> Nacho.
> On 9/27/07, Nacho Montero García-Celay
> <<>> wrote:
> Mike,
> It is the first time somebody call me "good english writer"!! Can I
> put it
> in my CV? :-)
> Certainly, it is very hard to me to deal with two ZOPEDs at the
> same time:
> the content of the ongoing discussion at XMCA and the form (I feel my
> thought short working in english...), so it makes me to keep quiet.
> At 17:47 26/09/2007, you wrote:
> How come all you good English writers from Spain are so quiet on
> xmca??
>> :-) :-))
> Mike
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Juan Felipe Espinosa Cristià
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