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Providing a stage for a polarizing figure such as Ahmadinejad is exactly
how colleges have faired over the years. How does this preclude not asking
difficult questions?


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Dear XMCArs,

I followed from Chile the strange sequence of events at Columbia at
the international press. I was wondering if somebody wants to comment
the issues raised by the occasion. At least, for me, it is hard to
understand the final move made by L. Bollinger: to invite the iranian
president, and then to attack him verbally. What was that? If he
really thinks what he says, he should have not invited him, first
place. But if he made that, to excoriate the guy his institution was
inviting as a result of context pressure, then he is acting
hypocritically and using the hate the iranian president raises to
gain publicity. Too contradictory for me and anything but the way
academic life and free speech should be handled, in my opinion.

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