Re: [xmca] Water Into Wine

From: Andy Blunden <ablunden who-is-at>
Date: Fri Sep 21 2007 - 21:47:52 PDT

The way I understand this David is like those "community reconciliation"
groups. If a child does something bad (eg hit another child) then they
ought to be confronted with the consequences of their act (eg explain
themselves to the injured child in front of the class). This kind of thing
is of course a kind of punishment, because the transgressor suffers shame
as a result of what they have done, but it is not directed at hurting the
transgressor but of educating them.
Maybe? :-)
At 07:59 PM 21/09/2007 -0700, David Kellogg wrote:
> "Though rewards and punishments have to be banished from Soviet schools
> because of their harmful influence, it is nevertheless beyond question
> that some portion of their effect will have to be retained, for otherwise
> the nature of children's drives, which happen to be a powerful motivation
> of their deeds, will have to be made use of in the realm of education
> (?). This positive element (?) should be retained and manifest itself
> through the reversion or return of every one of a child's actions back to
> him in the form of the impressions of the effect it has on those around him."
> This makes no sense at all to me. Is it just a terrible translation?
> Can anyone turn it back into wine?

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