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18 sep 2007 kl. 08.51 skrev bella kotik:

> Dear, collegues! I'd like to contribute an essay on the personal
> historical
> roots of the CHT in LSV biography. It will be based on his
> childhood and
> early (less known 1916-1923) publications. Will it fit in?
> Bella Kotik-Friedgut
> On 9/18/07, Cathrene Connery <> wrote:
>> Hi everyone:
>> Thanks so much for all your input regarding the social
>> construction of
>> an historical account of CHAT. As you read, Mike and I are working
>> out
>> some of the technical aspects of the project with Eliot Kanter, a
>> gifted
>> librarian at ucsd. Hopefully, the software will allow us to represent
>> connections between time, individuals, and other topics.
>> Your various ideas concerning the organization and perimeter of the
>> project have been very helpful. The metaphors of a tree, river, and
>> family capture the complexity and fluidity of what appears to be a
>> mercurial body of thought. Many of you correctly assessed this
>> task, in
>> and of itself, involves the development of a philosophical /
>> political
>> construct. Paul's concern regarding dogma is well taken. At the same
>> time, I agree with Vera's assertion that CHAT is "a family of related
>> theories rather than a very clearly agreed upon single set of
>> assumptions". We can make this axiom explicit when presenting the
>> electronic product of our efforts.
>> A wiki is a good suggestion, but I think it would be in our best
>> interest to create something more enduring for the time, effort, and
>> money involved. Therefore, I believe our ultimate goal should be a
>> web
>> page. In the end, the constraints of the software will sculpt the
>> final
>> product. With this concern in mind, as we learn more about the
>> technical
>> end of things, we are now consulting with an historian to see what
>> possibilities exist in terms of multi-media representations.
>> Vera's idea to include tag words was excellent. Ana's suggestion to
>> include a bibiliographic references is great and would require those
>> individuals who submit text to provide an annotation. Kudos go to
>> Helen
>> regarding the notion of collecting not only readings related to the
>> historical development of CHAT, but for suggesting autobiographical
>> accounts from primary sources significant to the genesis.
>> Bella's e-mail to Bruner brought us full circle to the original
>> intention behind the project in the first place: the need for an
>> intergenerational effort to document the multiplicity of
>> perspectives,
>> perezhivanja, and historical roots of CHAT for the next set of
>> scholars
>> inspired to inherit the "movement".
>> Keep those ideas and references coming!
>> Cathrene
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