[xmca] Socially Constructing a History of CHAT

From: Cathrene Connery <cconnery who-is-at ithaca.edu>
Date: Mon Sep 17 2007 - 18:34:23 PDT

Hi everyone:
Thanks so much for all your input regarding the social construction of
an historical account of CHAT. As you read, Mike and I are working out
some of the technical aspects of the project with Eliot Kanter, a gifted
librarian at ucsd. Hopefully, the software will allow us to represent
connections between time, individuals, and other topics.

Your various ideas concerning the organization and perimeter of the
project have been very helpful. The metaphors of a tree, river, and
family capture the complexity and fluidity of what appears to be a
mercurial body of thought. Many of you correctly assessed this task, in
and of itself, involves the development of a philosophical / political
construct. Paul’s concern regarding dogma is well taken. At the same
time, I agree with Vera’s assertion that CHAT is “a family of related
theories rather than a very clearly agreed upon single set of
assumptions”. We can make this axiom explicit when presenting the
electronic product of our efforts.

A wiki is a good suggestion, but I think it would be in our best
interest to create something more enduring for the time, effort, and
money involved. Therefore, I believe our ultimate goal should be a web
page. In the end, the constraints of the software will sculpt the final
product. With this concern in mind, as we learn more about the technical
end of things, we are now consulting with an historian to see what
possibilities exist in terms of multi-media representations.

Vera’s idea to include tag words was excellent. Ana’s suggestion to
include a bibiliographic references is great and would require those
individuals who submit text to provide an annotation. Kudos go to Helen
regarding the notion of collecting not only readings related to the
historical development of CHAT, but for suggesting autobiographical
accounts from primary sources significant to the genesis.

Bella’s e-mail to Bruner brought us full circle to the original
intention behind the project in the first place: the need for an
intergenerational effort to document the multiplicity of perspectives,
perezhivanja, and historical roots of CHAT for the next set of scholars
inspired to inherit the “movement”.

Keep those ideas and references coming!

Dr. M. Cathrene Connery
Assistant Professor of Education
Ithaca College
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