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Hi Leif,
I emailed Dot on this and forwarding her response.
~ Em

Your, I do not know Vitali S.Vygodsky. I never heard of him, but that does not mean anything. Certainly, Gita L'vovna (Vygotsky's daughter) spells her name Vygodskaya, as did David Vygodsky.....On the internet, these are the books that came up from V.S.V.:
Vygodskii, Vitalii Solomonovich
A book for all time : centenary of Karl Marx's Capital / Vitaly Vygodsky
Moscow : Novosti Press Agency Publishing House , [1967?]
Vygodskii, Vitalii Solomonovich
The story of a great discovery : how Karl Marx wrote Capital / Vitali Solomonovich Vygodski
Berlin : Verlag Die Wirtschaft , 1973
Now, If anyone wants to purchase them, Peter Moxhay showed me a great way to do that (to buy books from Moscow in Michigan). I would be happy to share that information, or I know Peter would, if the books are not in English.
Another book can be purchased in the USA:
The Economic Substantiation of the Theory of Socialism
Moscow, Progress Publishers, 1981 hardcover and dustwrapper in very good condition 278pp
Fine Print Books (Australia) $18.00 AUD
Here is a quote from a German source:
- Vitali Vygodsky: Was hat Engels in den Jahren 1885 und 1894 eigentlich veröffentlicht? Zu dem Artikel von Carl-Erich Vollgraf und Jürgen Jungnickel "Marx in Marx' Worten"? [what did Engels actually publish from 1885 to 1894? Regarding an article from Carl-Erich Vollgraf and Jurgen Jungnickel "Marx in Marx's Words.]

The best person I know of to ask this question is Mohamed Elhammouni. This is his basic interest.

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Hi Olga,

Thanks for your respons

and yes,

I know the difference between d and t

and that LSV died 1934 - but I thought Vitali S could be some relative
to LSV

In van der Veer's & Valsiner's 'Understanding Vygotsky' we can read (p
4) that LSV spelled his name Vygodsky - and then changed his name into

Greetings from Sweden


2007-09-16 kl. 19.30 skrev Griswold, Olga:

> As far as I know, Lev S. was long dead by 1973. He died in the 30s.
> As a native Russian speaker, Vygotsky and Vygodskij are two different
> names to me (the d-t distinction makes them different).
> Olga
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> Hi,
> Does anyone - out there - know anything about Vitali S Vygotskij? He
> wrote1973, a book named "The Great Discovery - How Marx wrote Das
> Kapital" (or something like that - I only have the Swedish ed.
> He spells his name Vygodski
> Are Vitali S and Lev S connected to each other?
> Eager to know
> Leif
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