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A non-poetical rememberance of Sept 11 34 years ago, from a relative of

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Subject: Chile, September 11, 1973. Please take a moment to remember.

Please excuse me for the mass mailing as well as the lack of elegance in my
writing. I hope that the message is important enough for you to overlook

Today is the anniversary of the U.S-sponsored military Coup d'Etat in Chile
that overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende.
The coup marked the overthrow of democracy in Latin America's longest
standing democratic country and would eventually sink Chile into 17 years of
brutal dictatorship. During the first days of the coup, the national
football stadium was turned into a concentration camp where more than 40,000
Chileans (and a few foreign nationals) were held, tortured, and sometimes
executed. During the first months of the coup up to 3,000 (of a population
around 10 million) were killed, countless more imprisoned and tortured, and
many, many more 'disappeared'. Many others were driven from their homeland
and forced to take refuge in foreign countries.

I would like express my sorrow and shame for the cynical and unconscionable
actions of my government in planning and helping to execute the coup in
Chile, as well as others -- in Guatemala, in Iran, in the Congo, so many
other countries. It seems important to remember that 28 years before the
attacks on the twin towers, the United States had already made September
11th an infamous day.
When we talk of terror, we should remember the terror unleashed by Pinochet,
Kissinger, and their associates on this day.

Sasha Cole.

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