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Date: Thu Sep 06 2007 - 09:33:57 PDT

Thanks, Bella,

Here's a source (the page is no longer on the Web; this is from the
Google cache):

Without Torah there is no Bread.
November 7th, 2006

Rabbi Elazar ben Azaria said:

Without Torah there is no social order;
without social order there is no Torah.

Without wisdom, there is no conscience;
without conscience, there is no wisdom.

Without knowledge, there is no understanding;
without understanding there is no knowledge.

Without bread, there is no Torah;
without Torah there is no bread.

(Avot 3:21)
Posted by Jonah

On Thu, 6 Sep 2007, bella kotik wrote:

> Dear Mike, actually it is older then soviet past. There is an old Hebrew
[B> proverb: "Without bread there is no tora (may be translated as bible,
> or science), but without tora there is no bread". And after I wrote it I see
> it is deeper (wider)then
> "Not by bread alone"
> Bella
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