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From: Lois Holzman <lholzman who-is-at>
Date: Fri Jun 29 2007 - 21:17:03 PDT

This portion of Mark's interesting post has me asking, matters for what? And
also suggesting for consideration that it might be desirable to break out of
the knowledge paradigm more completely. How to find answers still has the
product as a goal, to my reading. Maybe what matters for learning and
development is learning how to learn, learning that we learn, and learning
to create environments in which it's possible to learn that!

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> Subject: Re: [xmca] Copernicus 2.0 [toolforthoughts]
> As far as what people should be learning... I agree with the sentiment that
> it no longer matters what you know, only that you know how to find answers.
> If those answers lie with a friend in your social network or perhaps with
> some sort of computational model (that you have access to), you've
> successfully navigated our new virtual culture. That implies, however, that
> *someone* (or I guess *something*) needs to know the answers. I think it is
> enough for people to specialize, so long as other people are learning how to
> access these deep pockets of knowledge, and so long as *all* people are
> afforded the same access. Public education, then, would have to be
> reconfigured to reward and nurture different social networks while at the
> same time letting students specialize and make available their
> specializations to the community.

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