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Great quote Bill!

I have a question, though. Is the body itself a tool for thought?

Don Cunningham
Indiana University

Ancora Imparo!

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    Man-computer symbiosis is an expected development in cooperative
interaction between men and electronic computers. It will involve very
close coupling between the human and the electronic members of the
partnership. The main aims are 1) to let computers facilitate
formulative thinking as they now facilitate the solution of formulated
problems, and 2) to enable men and computers to cooperate in making
decisions and controlling complex situations without inflexible
dependence on predetermined programs. In the anticipated symbiotic
partnership, men will set the goals, formulate the hypotheses, determine
the criteria, and perform the evaluations. Computing machines will do
the routinizable work that must be done to prepare the way for insights
and decisions in technical and scientific thinking. Preliminary analyses
indicate that the symbiotic partnership will perform intellectual
operations much more effectively than man alone can perform them.
Prerequisites for the achieveme
 nt of
the effective, cooperative association include developments in computer
time sharing, in memory components, in memory organization, in
programming languages, and in input and output equipment.
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