Re: [xmca] Request for selection activity

From: Kevin Rocap <Kevin.Rocap who-is-at>
Date: Tue Jun 26 2007 - 07:18:07 PDT

Dear Helen,

First off, I'd like to echo "great work". What an exciting program.

My suggestion may be a bit low-level, but here it is:

Ask for candidates to share an example of a time when they had to
accomplish something of importance with other people - what their role
was, how it went, how they worked with other people, what was
accomplished, what they learned, what they think will be important for
them to use from that and similar experiences as they enter your program.

The hands-on orientation workshop might be a possibility, but I'd wonder
about the context. If there is a a group of non-candidates that they
can interact with I would think that would be better. Interacting with
other potential candidates would create a competition/collaboration
tension, no? And would be somewhat like being on a "Survivor"-type
reality game show, no?

In Peace,

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