[xmca] Call for nominations of the new CH-SIG officers

From: Ana Marjanovic-Shane <ana who-is-at zmajcenter.org>
Date: Sun Jun 24 2007 - 12:40:49 PDT

(My Apologies if you are getting this twice and/or if you are NOT a
member of the AERA's CH-SIG)

Dear CH-SIG members,

During the last business meeting, we decided to nominate and choose new
CH-SIG officers using Internet and reaching every member. We want to
elect new officers soon, so that they can "shadow" the work of the
current ones and learn it well in advance of taking over the positions
at the next AERA Conference. The time has come to do that.

I am calling for nominations for the following positions which will
expire in March/April 2008 during the next AERA Conference:

    * CH-SIG's Chair(s) - One
    * CH-SIG's Program Coordinator(s) - One to two
    * Ch-SIG's Treasurer - One
    * CH-SIG's Award Committee members - Three to five

Please send your nominations to me (anamshane@speakeasy.net
<mailto:anamshane@speakeasy.net> or ana@zmajcenter.org
<mailto:ana@zmajcenter.org> ). Include one or two paragraphs about the
candidate you are nominating stating the reasons you are nominating
her/him. The nominations will be accepted in the next two weeks until
July 15. Once all the nominations arrive, I'll create an election
website. The aim is to choose the officers by the end of July. This is
especially important for the position of Program Coordinator(s) since
there is a lot of learning involved in the creation of the AERA
Conference program.

Your current CH-SIG Chair

Ana Marjanovic-Shane

Below are short descriptions of the respective officers' duties

*Duties of the SIG's Chair*: To co-ordinate the work of the SIG within
AERA (to communicate with the AERA SIG's executive committee), to
monitor membership, to facilitate and moderate the work of the program
chair(s), to oversee the financial matters of the SIG, to work on the
SIG's by-laws and to coordinate the work of the award committee

*Duties of the SIG's Program Coordinators*:

Each SIG's Program Chair is responsible for executing the various tasks
necessary to plan for his/her SIG's portion of the Annual Meeting. These
tasks are delineated more specifically in the /Annual Meeting Procedures
Handbook /given to SIG Program Chairs during the summer prior to the
Annual Meeting for which they are preparing. Among other things, it is
the Program Chair's responsibility to:

. Promote, if appropriate, the Annual Meeting's "theme" established by
the AERA President when encouraging his/her SIG members to submit

 . Become adept at using AERA's on-line system for proposal

. Ensure that each submitted proposal receives a fair and unbiased
review (by a minimum of two reviewers) by the deadline established by AERA.

. Make a final accept/reject decision for each proposal by the deadline
established by AERA.

. Encourage members of his/her SIG to volunteer and serve as Chairs and

. Make sure that sessions are created by the deadline established by AERA.

. Oversee all aspects of the program preparation process such that
his/her SIG's portion of the Annual Meeting is of the highest quality
possible. For example, SIG Program Chairs should remind all presenters
to submit their final papers to discussants and chairs by the deadline
established by AERA.

*Duties of the SIG's Treasurer*: To oversee all the financial matters of
the SIG: membership renewal, payments to AERA, use of the fund to
finance expenses related to annual meetings (renal of presentation
equipment, refreshments etc), to coordinate payments and reimbursements
of all expenses.

*Duties of the Award Committee Members*: To work on all matters related
to creation of awards, coordination of the SIG's awards with the
official AERA award procedures, nominations of candidates, the award
selection process and award giving events.



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