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Date: Fri Jun 22 2007 - 06:37:42 PDT

> "Actually" is -actually- a very useful term, it seems to me. John Deely
> has a book in which he argues for a "semiotist" alternative to both
> realism and idealism (classically conceived). While I find Deely's
> arguments convincing, the term "semiotist" is meaningless for anyone who
> is not acquainted with semiosis as understood since Peirce. I use
> "actualist" to introduce this stance, using it for basically the same
> thing Deely means by "semiotist."

In the spirit of Mike Cole's request for us novice "lurkers" to ask more
questions when these threads go over our heads, I'll pipe up.

In layman's terms, what in the world do you mean by an "actualist"? How is
that the same/similar to a "semiotist"? In the sense that semiotics deals
with the mediating action of signs, I am "actually" having a hard time
placing "actually" there...

Jenny Langer-Osuna
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