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I appreciate Wolff-Michael's and Lee's comprehensive summary of CHAT and
CHAT's current influence on education. My criticism is not with the
vignette posed nor how it is an example of how activity theory provides an
opportunity for 'learning by expanding." However, I am struck with the
same hurdle of thinking, "O.K. CHAT provides an explanatory model for how
the individual/social dialectic expands but once again when I read an
article about CHAT in the education domain it has to do with social
sciences and not math/science." I too have been successful in using the
CHAT model to improve social competencies but must admit fail miserably in
providing a comprehensive mileu that will assist students in improving
their ability to actively use math and science concepts.

what do other's think?

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Thank you Teresa.
Xmca-ites may want to visit the web site Teresa posted because there is a
not-pleasant, but
not uninteresting controversy involving Vygotsky there as well.

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> The Review of Educational Research has the W-M Roth article this month.
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> offering free access this month.
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