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David and Anton,

Do you know if there's any research (articles, books) about Semiotic
approaches (perhaps Tartu and Prague School) as a Theory and Method in the
study of “Kindergarten as a Semiotic System” especially in relation to a
qualitative investigation of peer social interactions (and child-adult
interaction) in inclusive kindergartens ?


On Fri, June 1, 2007 03:02, David Kellogg wrote:
> Dear Anton:
> There's an interesting article in the Spring issue of the Modern
> Language Journal by A.C. DaSilva Iddings and S.G. McCafferty on
> "Carnival in a Mainstream Kindergarten Classroom: A Bakhtinian Analysis
> of Second Language Learners' Off-Task Behavior".
> I'm a little ambivalent about it; I like the integration of (physical)
> "action" and (semiotic) "meaning". But I think the "off task" business
> is a bit adultomorphic and the "carnival" idea is overextended. (Can we
> really talk about parody BEFORE the thing which is being parodied has
> developed? What does it mean for kindergarteners to "reverse high and
> low"?)
> I'm writing about B.V. Belyayev and A.A. Leontiev (they had an argument
> about whether you could "think" in a foreign language) and I want to use
> your information about Belyayev's early history in a footnote. OK?
> David Kellogg
> Seoul National University of Education
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