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Date: Thu May 10 2007 - 23:02:33 PDT

Well it's an interesting read, Mike, and certainly flies in the face of
everything I think about the topic. - which can't be bad. In fact, my
suspicion is that the article is consciously intended as a challenge.
I was permanently affected by Alasdair MacIntyre's material about
narrative, I think it was in "Beyond Virtue", but what I notice is absent
from this article which clearly intends itself to be a comprehensive
overview of positions on this topic, is any sense that the narrative in
question is *larger than the individual, personal, biography*, that begins
somewhere about your date of birth. The point about MacIntyre's version is
that one may gradually come to discover oneself as a player in a much
larger narrative, which perhaps began before human history began - and it's
this, IMHO, which is particularly important to Ethical Narrativism.
Also, I am not convinced that GS is arguing *against* fashion. When I
formed my view on this topic, in favour of ethical narrativism, I was aware
that I was flying in the face of "postmodern" fashion, which has a
narrative about narratives being oppressive, exclusionary and so on, and GS
refers to this view in his own argument.
Although it is a clever and challenging article, I think it is very
undialectical in its conceptions. It is not just A and not-A, but it is
difficult to argue against this kind of black-and-white argument. He says a
lot of true things, but he hasn't changed my belief that grasping one's own
narrative is important to leading a good life.
At 08:41 PM 10/05/2007 -0700, you wrote:
>Check out the following paper at
>So many xmca-o-philes and many others are convinced of the centrality of
>in human life that this critique ought to provide some food for thought. Or
>anger. Or.......
>We have a big backlog of MCA issues coming along, but in the meantime, this
>seems worth
>checking out.
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