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You have already been given some good leads in this area. In general,
multimodal semiotic analysis, which incorporates discourse analysis
as one component, is widely recognized as the next step in the
evolution of DA, which was never intended to ignore activity and the
context of situation, but until fairly recently there have not been
analyses of visual images, gesture and movment, music, etc. that were
both "semantically aware", i.e. linked to meaning, and compatible
enough with linguistic analysis of meaning to be combined.

Some of the early pioneers of linguistic DA, like Gunther Kress and
Theo van Leeuwen, write mainly about multimodal or multimedia
analysis today. Paul Thibault and Anthony Baldry have developed
systems for multimedia corpus analysis and multimodal transcription
based on the principles of the earlier linguistic discourse analysis.
There is a conference on linguistic DA and multimodal analysis in
Helsinki in July (google along with the organizer, Eija Ventola), was
a broader one on multimodality last year in Pavia, Italty (google
with Anthony Baldry, TICOM) which will issue a volume this year. Adam
Kendon, another pioneer of gesture analysis, spoke at that one (so
did I), and his work for some time now has integrated gesture
analysis with the broader situational and activity context.

On my website you can see the syllabus for a course I did last year
on video and multimedia analysis, and some earlier versions of it
that showed the integration with discourse analysis (but it's too
much for one semester). Go to homepage, then Student's Entrance to
see course information.

Good luck!


>Wanted to thank everyone who forwarded articles, links, and tips...this will
>be extremely useful as we analyze video data over the summer months...
>Michael A. Evans
>Assistant Professor
>Instructional Design & Technology Program
>School of Education
>Virginia Tech
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>> Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2007 08:18:26 +0200
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>> Subject: Re: [xmca] Analyses of gesture & speech
>> I think it should not be too difficult (cf all the helpful comments below).
>> Capture all your data on a godd audio video, watching the number count.
>> Then using perhaps Sinclair and Coultard analyse the language ( which in any
>> case overlaps beween speakers), then go through it again, this time matching
>> the gestures to thre language. Once you have paired language and gesture,
>> then you have to work out why this should be working together: this is
>> monstrously time-consuming, but it will get you where you want to go.
>> Carol
>> On 29/04/07, Wolff-Michael Roth <> wrote:
>>> You may find my review useful for seeing what has been published in
>>> the different disciplines referred to on the list:
>>> Roth, W.-M. (2002). Gestures: Their role in teaching and learning.
>>> Review of Educational Research, 71, 365-392.
>>> also, in
>>> Roth, W.-M., & Lee, Y. J. (2004). Interpreting unfamiliar graphs: A
>>> generative, activity-theoretic model. Educational Studies in
>>> Mathematics, 57, 265-290.
>>> we cover mathematical cognition, gestures, and CHAT.
>>> Hope this helps,
>>> Michael
>>> On 28-Apr-07, at 8:40 AM, Michael A. Evans wrote:
>>> Dear All,
>>> I was hoping you could point me to resources that critique discourse
>>> analysis as an overly linguistic approach to interaction and meaning
>>> request is based on a desire to ground analysis of video
>>> data of
>>> children using manipulatives (both physical and graphically-based) in
>>> collaborative efforts...what I want to capture is not only the speech
>>> but
>>> also gesture of primary students as they try to make sense of basic
>>> geometric concepts and principles using manipulatives (tangrams,
> >> pentominoes, geoboards, etc)...I'm searching for both philosophical
>>> (Vygotsky, Dewey, Pierce, Mead) and methodological references that
>>> emphasize
>>> the need to examine gesture and speech simultaneously...
>>> As for the latter, I've recently been working with David McNeill and his
>>> group at the U. of Chicago (, but was
>>> hoping
>>> I could get more leads from the group...
>>> Thanks!
>>> Michael~
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