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I wouldn't call the "Theses" Pragmatic because they didn't come from the same source. But I will say that Sidney Hook, one of Dewey's favorite students, attempted to get Dewey to read Marx (he claimed he never had) stating that their ideas were very sympathetic and important for each other (later Hook became a virulent anti-communist). Dewey claimed he did not read Marx and had no intention of doing so (I don't know why - it seemed odd. He didn't seem to have anything against Marx, just sort of those "Who has the time" things.) So at least parts of the These might be very sympathetic to Pragmatism.


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I think that is fair, Michael. Tell me, would the Marxism of the "Theses on
Feuerbach" fall under the heading of Pragmatism in your understanding?
At 11:31 AM 26/12/2006 -0500, Michael Glassman wrote:
>... If you ask me, they are all versions of Pragmatism. Ironically, as
>obscure as the word was it has entered the American lexicon as a rather
>common word. The only trouble is I think nobody is quite sure what it
>means. Somewhere Peirce is laughing.

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