Re: [xmca] Zo-peds, roads, and Senseis

From: Matt Brown (
Date: Sat Dec 23 2006 - 21:58:05 PST

> I cannot agree that teleological thinkins is always wrong, as I interpret
> the local concensus to be. It is hard to avoid the conclusion
> that all culturally mediated action is teleological, which does not mean it
> is not misguided!!


I think that for many people, "teleological" has theological
implications. Not only is it going somewhere, but there is only one
place to go, it's the Good place to go, everything not going there is
lacking, and the whole journey gets its value because of the End.

Dewey tried to correct our understanding of the concept in places like
Chapter 3 of Experience and Nature. The alternative notion(s) of ends
as conclusions, culminations, or ends-in-view are quite inescapable,
helpful, and free of all the nasty baggage. At least, that's what
Dewey tries to show.


Matt Brown
Philosophy Graduate Student, UCSD
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