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Gee David-- It must be Yankee imperialism at work!! I got the article by
going to xmca,
then erlbaum web page for xmca which is reachable from there (lchc.ucsd.eduis my
starting point). But the final link when I got there was

Maybe that will work? If there really is a problem, I can download the
article and send it out, but it really should work!!
On 12/22/06, David Preiss <> wrote:
> The link to the sample article at the Erlbaum page ain't working Mike. It
> requires a fee or a password.
> David
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> I don't know about others, but I thought the C&McK paper did a great job
> both of documenting a case where an inner city school system could raise
> its
> mathematics performance and in motivating their explanation of how this
> worked by bringing together the chat and cop perspectives on changes that
> occur simultaneously among participants all over a complex system.
> So often it seems that the only way to deal with high stakes testing
> requirements is to put teachers and students into an even tighter
> straightjacket. But here is a counter example showing it ain't necessarily
> so.
> I was particularly interested in the use of the idea of networks of
> communities of practices (and activity systems?) to be able to have an
> analysis span across many levels of the complex system(s) involved. And
> the
> introduction of Everett Rogers' work on diffusion of innovative practices
> addresses both the issue of sustainabilty and scalability (which might, in
> fact, be closely related).
> Any of the 30+ members of XMCA who voted to discuss this article have
> anything to note about it?
> mike
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