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Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 06:41:04 PST

Paul Dillon wrote:

"Sensei, nothing more nor less than someone farther down the road, what's
the practice and what needs does it relate to? Looking for some absolute
concept of zoped seems pointless, trying to define it so that one could
identify it in any context on the basis of a Carnapian logical matrix,
impossible. The key I think is to look at the practice, identify its road
and see how far people are along that road and how they make that road
relevant to someone who might not even know the road is there. Expanding
is moving beyond the known roads into what was previously unknown."

I beleive on the ontogenetic level (learning/development) this is extremely
helpful, but on the phylogenetic level(personality/socialization)it misses
much of the cultural-historical emphasis. Engstrom's learning by expanding
emphasises broad cultural entities (hospitals and other work places). In
these settings there are logical matrixes/structures.

what do you think?

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