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Your project sounds interesting. I think you're pointing to something of a
contradiction that I feel is in the Crisis, and perhaps elsewhere. On the
one hand V does speak of the problem of using either historical materialism
or dialectical materialism for his "general psychology," a truly Marxist
psychology. The former was appropriate for Marx's sociology, a study of
society, but he's doing something different. The latter is too abstract. On
the other hand, the history that he tells of the discipline of psychology is
one in which there is an objective logic, operating behind the backs of
individual psychologists ("like a coiled string"), the laws of this logic
can be grasped through "scientific analysis," there are underlying inherent
contradictions, a revolutionary moment (the "crisis") has arrived as a
result of the pressure of practical concerns, and a future can be envisioned
where, in the form of the new general psychology, qualitatively different
from what has come before, time has ended. In short, this history has a form
that sounds (to the best of my limited knowledge) very much like that
dialectical materialism.

What do you think? (Sorry not to be able to write in Portugese)


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> Martins and others... the title of my project is " The psychology of
> Vygotsky: mapping concepts, tracing courses ". He has as objective maps the
> concepts, the units of analysis used by Vygotsky to consolidate your
> proposals for the psychology.
> I will be analyzing your books: Psychology of the Art and Pedagogic
> Psychology and the texts that appeared in your Chosen Works.
> In a first moment we can notice that Vyg. uses of the dialetic materialism
> to make the analyses about the superior psychological functions, or even to
> analyze the psychology of your time - in the text Crisis of the Psychology
> that is clear.
> But he speaks that the problem is to use the historical materialism to make
> such analyses. I think that he sees in the historical materialism a form of
> approaching the psychological phenomena, approaching of a certain sociology
> of the human relationships...
> Do you understand?
> Joao Martins
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> Joao,
> Would you like to tell us more about your project?
> Martin
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>> Dear friends, I am making a project on vygotsky and I would like to know
> if
>> Vygotsky establish a difference between dialetic materialism and
> historical
>> materialism?
>> Joao Martins
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