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Date: Wed Dec 13 2006 - 06:20:23 PST

Hi Paul,
I wasn't exactly confusing Stalin with Pinochet, so much as picking up
random names of political leaders who have tyrannized a generation of
citizens. I'm not really saying these men ought never to have existed, but
rather these men have enacted kinds of violence that devastate the social
and cultural psyche. But I do appreciate your clarification of the
differences between the two.

  The comparison of Stalin with Pinochet shows a horrible misunderstanding
of history. For all the excesses of that historical period, without Stalin
you wouldn´t even be writing those lines, without Stalin moving his entire
industry beyond the Urals, Germany would have won in the East and defeated
the Allied invasion in the West. Without Stalin´s struggle against Hitler,
we would all be sporting swastikas .. If you want to talk about historical
crimes try the Catholic Church in the Andes during the period siglo XVI y
XVII of which Pinochet was a direct heir. To appreciate Stalin, try reading
Yevtuschenko´s description of his funeral or watch Eisenstein´s ¨Ivan the
Terrible¨ , Pinochet was a small little piece of trash that was raised up
by Henry Kissinger and all of the forces that struggled to maintain
capitalist hegemony in Latin America, nothing more, a real piece of trash, a
little man used by the big forces of capitalism headed by Milton Friedman
and Henry
 Kissinger Too bad he died before being tried for his crimes. To confuse
Pinochet with Stalin, an error that I have to address.
  Paul Dillon

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