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Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 18:26:22 PST

  With all you have written in the last week concerning the process of moral learning, I have been reflecting on how well you have expresesed these issues that are at the center of what Che called the new moral individual ., . . and now you also express my own most sincere feeling that it is unjust that Pinochet die without having to stand trial for the most brutal crimes he committed. Here in Peru they interrupted the regularly scheduled broadcasts to give air time to greivijng widows and other concubines. I'm looking forward to going back to my room and watch the streets of Santiago explode in dance. Maybe not, but I hope so.
  Soon I hope to post my contribution to the weave that you and Andy have started about Vugotsky and moral education but for me these processes take more time.
  Muchisimas gracias pa' haber puesto esta denuncia. Yo querria que este maton hubiera vivido hasta que le lincharon para despues botar su cuerpo al mar donde los tiburones podrian dar algun valor a su vida. Opinion personal, por supuesto. Que viva Fidel!
  Paul Dillon

David Preiss <> wrote:
Today the dead of Pinochet made me remember the old thread Mike
initiated regarding forgiveness. Thus, the same day than we across
the world celebrate a new anniversary of the universal declaration of
human rights, a new dictator goes away, unpunished for all the harm
he caused on thousands. Some people see this as a nice turn of
history: the general´s final day is marked by the international
commemoration of human rights. I see here the opposite thing:
Pinochet left us smiling, untouched by the action of justice,
remembering us that he won his final battle over those that intended
to give human rights some kind of substance, to turn them in
something real, which can be touched. Here, then, a criminal has
died. Shame on our judges. We will not forget. Without justice, we
will not forgive.

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