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Date: Wed Dec 06 2006 - 11:07:42 PST

Well, so much stuff to unpack, so many thoughts that drift through my mind.
Here are two i am able to flesh out the moment.

1st. I apologize andy if I gave you the mistaken impression that I was
comparing my students to the residents of Warsaw or gaza strip. This is
certainly not the case. Or, perhaps, you are making the comparison. That
they lack the framework of understanding 'trust', 'honor' and dignity is
not the case. They understand these terms based on their own individual
circumstances. However, what they do lack is how to transfer there
individual frameworks for these concepts onto social situations that will
allow them to be citizens in good standing. : )I have mentioned in the
past on XMCA that when these topics are discussed in our class we provide
them in a format that is similar to the combined motor method. The
combined motor method is an experimental technique that Luria introduced
that allows insight past a person's 'social face' and into their individual
personalities or ontologies. Paper and pencil are passed out to the class
for them to doodle on or for them to answer simple questions while one
staff takes the 'lecture' position and another staff is seated as if being
a student in the class. During the lecture the seated staff will interrupt
with a statement in blatant defiance of what the lecturing staff is saying.
For example, "Why can't they wear a shirt that says F*** the police?"
After the laughter has died down the discussion can proceed that provides
the end result of many of students agreeing that there needs to be an
accepted 'dress code' for a school. Many times the discussion becomes
student centered and the staff can sit back and listen to the lively
debate. Also this format can sometimes lead to role playing situations
that are always beneficial.

2nd. I disagree that there is a difference between a person misperceiving
a medical condition and a social condition. People develop a social sense
the same as they develop biologically. Some people have a stunted or
retarded social development. This lack of social development comes out in
various ways but the one constant that runs through all people who suffer
the condition is that they are constantly misperceiving how this social
retardation affects their lives.


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