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Date: Tue Dec 05 2006 - 22:09:59 PST

I see a link, which may be indirect, with the this kind of work and my
interest in socialization processes and story-telling in a rural African
context. I have been using the work of Harold Scheub on the Xhosa
iintsomi (fabulous tale). I have done research on this in the Eastern
Cape region of South Africa. Has your group dealt at all with
story-telling as a process of cognitive socialization?
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>>> Beth Ferholt <> 2006/12/06 01:08 AM >>>
Thank you very much for doing this.
If you, Jan or Inga-Lill, or others, are interested, we can send you
what we at LCHC have been working on related to Gunilla's work: we
have been working hard since she first sent us a copy of her book, in

Our playworld group here at LCHC is also very interested in related
work that her students are, perhaps, doing now (and we have a reader
of Swedish among us!).
Thank you,

On Dec 5, 2006, at 12:49 AM, Leif Strandberg wrote:

> Dear friends in XMCA,
> I passed on the conversation about Gunilla Lindqvist we had some
> weeks ago to her husband Jan Lindqvist and Gunilla's workmates at
> Karlstad University in Sweden (they are not paticipants in xmca).
> Yesterday I got a message from them. They are more than happy to
> see that Gunilla's work is still alive and they asked me to give
> you all a Thank You for remembering Gunilla.
> Thank you
> from
> Jan Lindqvist
> Inga-Lill Emilsson
> /
> Leif Strandberg
> Sweden
> 2006-12-05 kl. 03.38 skrev Matt Brown:
>> On Dec 3, 2006, at 11:08 AM, Mike Cole wrote:
>>> I have been puzzling again over the constructivism/constructionism
>>> distinction which has resurfaced here.
>> Mike's message inspired me to go looking for some resources
>> online, and I found a few goodies:
>> Ian Hacking also has a book where he tries to untangle some of
>> these issues. It's well worth the read for anyone trying to get
>> straight about constructivalationism. ;)
>> http://www.complete ( http://www.complete/
>> The lesson I get from the book is that it is counter-productive to

>> bandy about talk about "social construction" in a generalized way,

>> that there are a number of related but distinct ideas that go
>> under the banner of "social construction," and that one really
>> ought to be clear about how certain things are and aren't socially

>> constructed, rather than speak very broadly about it.
>> Hacking sometimes goes to far in trying to make things come out
>> neatly, but it is a good first step.
>> Best,
>> Matt
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