Re: [xmca] Beyond Alterity/Intersubjectivity

From: Steve Gabosch (
Date: Sun Aug 27 2006 - 14:33:35 PDT


On the silence:
>It would be nice if all the people who read this NOW, sent just a
>nod, a "M-hm!" a kind of acknowledgment that they hear. That would
>mimic a face-to-face conversation, in which a speaker may be
>encouraged or discouraged to take up a course of thought depending
>on the nods, looks and other manifestations of dialogicity. We do
>not have to say anything specific to be a part of a conversation.
>Saying something specific may be in many cases difficult because of
>the language barrier (really not to be underestimated!!), but in
>other cases the difficulty is also a product of the medium: writing
>rather than speaking. e-mail is somewhere in between, yet, still a
>writing rather than sounding.

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