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Here are some of them. I marked the ones I prefer. I am very interested in the role of argumentation as an instrument. Because I am an applied linguist, this is a big issue, mainly, if one considers Benveniste's concern against the role of language as an instrument.
Bronckart, J.P. 1993. Action Theory and the analysis of action in education. Paper presented at the 5th European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction.

Bronckart, J.-P. (1997). Activité langagière, textes et discours. Pour un interactionisme socio-discursif. Paris : Delachaux & Niestlé.

Bronckart, J.-P. (2002a). La explicación en psicología ante el desafío del significado. Estudios de Psicología, 23 (3), 387-416.

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Bronckart, J.-P. (2004). Pourquoi et comment analyser l'agir verbal et non verbal en situation de travail ? In : J.-P. Bronckart & Groupe LAF (Ed.), L'analyse de l'agir et des discours dans trois situations de travail. Cahiers de la Section des Sciences de l'Education, xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Bronckart, J.-P. & Groupe LAF (2004). L'analyse de l'agir et des discours dans trois situations de travail. Cahiers de la Section des Sciences de l'Education, xxxxxxxxxxxx.

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Schneuwly, B. (2002). Le développement du concept de développement chez Vygotski. In Y. Clot (Dir.) Avec Vygotski, 267-280. Paris : La Dispute. 2ème édition.

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  Fernanda-- Send a list of article you think would be helpful and we can scan them
  for discussion.

  On 8/27/06, Fernanda Liberali <> wrote:
    Dear friends,
    Although I do not contribute to the list as I would love to, I would like to
    suggest that the members could add some of the Swiss writers with a
    Vygotskian and Bakhtinian backgroud to the list. I believe they could also
    contribute a lot to the discussion. In my opinion, we could try to add some
    of the discussion on the role, use and description of language developed by
    Bronckart, Schneuwely and Dolz, to mention some. I really believe that would
    be a wonderful opportunity to expand the discussion developed last year with
    the ideas developed by Hasan, Daniels and Wells. I did it with my group here
    in Brazil and I think it was a very nice opportunity for us to review our
    way of understanding language, activity, consciousness, sign and tool.
    Unfortunately, we do not have the same amount of time to use the list to
    discuss as we would love to, but, hopefully, we will be able to make some
    comments on the topic.
    Best regards,
    Fernanda Liberali
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>I am sure several people are interested, Phil. And we can easily and
> fruitfully
> take this up in a lab meeting or two. But as always, we benefit if there
> is
> a
> (are some) discussion leader(s). I will be away second week of Sept and
> pretty
> tied up into October, so why not see who can play discussion facilitator?
> One idea that immediately occurs to me is that it would be helpful to have
> the early discussion
> in which Hasan, Daniels, and others participated cut and paste together as
> a
> single file. We could
> also create a single space on xmca where the papers and ancillary
> materials
> for discussion
> were brought together in one place for people who experience navigating
> mike
> On 8/27/06, Phil Chappell < > wrote:
>> Thanks so much, Gordon for making your paper available. bb has
>> already suggested an approach to the two papers (yours and
>> Halliday's) and I guess we should wait for him to get back online
>> before going any further.
>> It looks like Gordon's two papers could be grouped and we retain bb's
>> "dualing papers" strategy? Having Voloshinov/Bakhtin in the mix makes
>> for an interesting time, especially in terms of talking about sign
>> mediation.
>> Anyone else interested?
>> Phil
>> On 27/08/2006, at 12:49 AM, Mike Cole wrote:
>> > More food for thought and perhaps for discussion? bb, phil,
>> > david.....??
>> > mike
>> >
>> > On 8/26/06, Gordon Wells <> wrote:
>> >>
>> >> Phil and Others discussing LSV and MAKH,
>> >>
>> >> I have been too busy teaching to do more than lurk during this
>> >> discussion. However, since you and Bill have referred to my paper in
>> >> Linguistics and Education, I am taking the liberty of attaching a
>> >> paper I recently finished which has advanced my own thinking on this
>> >> and related topics. It is currently under review.
>> >>
>> >> Gordon
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>> >> Gordon Wells
>> >> Dept of Education,
>> >> gwells
>> >> UC Santa Cruz.
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