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Date: Mon Aug 21 2006 - 11:08:10 PDT

So far, I am a little puzzled by the terms "intersubjectivity" and "alterity." In grappling with what Jim Wertsch means by them, I find myself looking for more precise and descriptive words that capture the two kinds of meaning-making I think he his pointing at. I readily agree with Jim's core point, that both kinds of meaning-making are essential in human communication and must be understood as working together. But the terms feel a little awkward to me. Here are a couple ideas, which at least call attention to their meanings. The first kind of meaning-making Jim speaks about could be called "interobjectivity," where people cooperate using univocal patterns to create common meanings and perceptions about (as they see it) "objectively" understood aspects of reality. The second kind of meaning-making might be called "countersubjectivity," where people voice, using dialogic patterns, counterposed meanings. In this terminology, any coherent utterance would be expected to!
n both "interobjective" and "countersubjective" meanings.
Just using provoking some dialogue ...
- Steve
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