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> Most generally, I worry that we conflate interweaving, relational notions of
> contexts for container notions

And yet, in the Nicolopoulou & Cole paper I'm reading, the library and the boys and girls club were not only relational contexts, but with the 5D embedded, physically, they were also, to a degree, containers. Perhaps if 'relational' were to include the spatial relations often implicit in the achitectural dimensions of our culture(s), then conflation would turn to integration. For example, a cathedral makes possible worship, as Barker might claim, with its pews facing the alter, but also with its surrounding icons, ennobled arches, lights, windows, and the walls that allow the bishop to be heard above all 'outside' distractions. (Just a divergent thought).

I'm still figuring out alterity <-> intersubjectivity. I don't know why I find Wertsch so difficult to grok.
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