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From: Emily Duvall (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2006 - 05:06:40 PDT

I thought I might add in another for you all, Tucker Signing created by
Bethanie Tucker. This was designed to add kinesthetic support to
decoding. It uses 44 hand signs to prompt associations between phonemes
and letters, connecting them to the sounds. I was trained by Tucker and
used the signs with some of my elementary students (I'm a special ed
teacher by training). It really seemed to help children who required
that bodily-kinesthetic support in learning. On the other hand, for
children that didn't need the support, it was really distracting and
interfered with fluency. Interesting.
~ Emily

Mike Cole wrote:

> The increased use of sign language with pre-verbal kids appears to be a
> growing practice (fad?). Anyway,
> i thought perhaps this story might interest some xmcaogrifs.
> mike
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