Re: [xmca] AERA or busted?

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Tue Jul 19 2005 - 13:59:49 PDT

Linda-- What topics have people proposed? What seems to need discussion?

On 7/19/05, Ana Marjanovic-Shane <> wrote:
> Mike and all
> Linda Polin, our program chair, says that the number of paper proposals is
> very small.
> We have sent a few notices to the CH-SIG and XMCA groups so people can
> plan. I guess it's up to them.
> Since this is going to the whole XMCA community, here is one more chance
> to remind people that there is only 12 days left to submit their proposals.
> Don't forget -- you have to go on the AERA website to do that. You need to
> be an AERA member and log in first.
> Ana
> Mike Cole wrote:
> The following notice flashed across my screen.
> What is CH-sig got up its sleevlet?
> The deadline for proposal submission for the AERA 2006 Annual Meeting is
> rapidly approaching. The submission of proposals to Divisions A, B, C, D,
> E, F, G, H, I, and J will close on August The deadline for submission of
> proposals is August 2 for Divisions K and L, and all Special Interest
> Groups. Do not wait, we urge you to submit your proposal as soon as
> possible to avoid any last minute rush.
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