Re: [xmca] LCA: protolanguage

Date: Thu Jul 07 2005 - 16:02:55 PDT

I’m new to XMCA and my exposure to linguistics is limited so perhaps this is
a naive question but I'm wondering why emotion doesn't play a larger role in
discussions of semiotic mediation. If the goal is theories that 'begin by
locating their central problematic by relation to those phenomena which are
active in its genesis and its evolution', and authors like LeDoux 'Emotion is a
biosocially-constructed interstitial phenomenon that facilitates the
organization of both brain and society', Damasio, 'Consciousness emerges from
emotion', Bartlett, 'Emotions are the seeds of social schemata', and Fodor,
'Emotion may be the starting point for meaning-making', give emotion such a
prominent place in their theories of human cognition, shouldn’t it merit some
mention in discussions of mediation? Or has this been addressed earlier and I
missed it? (these ‘quotes’ are (mis)remembered).

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