Re: [xmca] LCA: AA Leontiev and Landolf/Thorne question

From: Gordon Wells (
Date: Mon Jul 04 2005 - 18:34:44 PDT

>In seeking to figure out activity-language relations, a question I
>keep coming up against
>is what is meant by phrases such as
>"As far as psychology is concerned, speech is identical to any other
>activity" (p. 1 of AA Leontiev)
>or the phrase, "communicative activity." I know this is an old issue
>in Russian (at least Soviet) arguments about activity
>and Language. But it appears important to this discussion as well.
>I can understand how seeking to acquire a second language could be
>considered an activity (at least I think I do), but acquisition
>of a first language let alone using language in a case is "Mr Smith
>is not working today, he is out mowing the lawn" both seem
>questionable as candidates for activities.
>Is there a known, well worked out answer to this question, or a set
>of alternative answers?

See my previous ruminations.


Gordon Wells
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