Re: RV: Sternberg on no child left behind

From: Andy Jocuns (
Date: Fri Oct 29 2004 - 03:22:35 PDT

That was a nice piece on NOCLEB -- as I have heard it's proponents refer
to it -- thanks for posting it. There are too many things about this
piece of legislation that get under my skin. At the present time I work
across the street from one of the DoE buildings and seeing those signs
everyday just about drives me mad. What's even worse is hearing
tourists point to them and praise Bush on x, y, & z...

My dissertation focuses on mediated discourse and distributed cognition
in two music classrooms. The fact that politically-speaking research in
art and music is of little interest to the powers that be makes a little
frustrated considering the enormous amount of DoE, NSF and other
governmentally funded projects directed towards science education.

andy jocuns

David Preiss wrote:

>How strange! Here it goes again!

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