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From: Andrew Babson (
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 19:14:06 PDT

As a life-long Red Sox fan, I've been walking on air today (and tonight I
can finally get some sleep!) Just had a word with my 77-year old aunt who
never thought she'd live to see the day. Coincidentally, she's not a big
Kerry fan...but I certainly agree with you that it would be a New England
coup to win two world championships and have a Bay State president all in
the same year!

Back to mid-terms...


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So, XMCARs, if the Red Fox are just about overcoming Babe Ruth´s
condemnation and win the World Series after 86 years, why it is not possible
that a Catholic liberal from Boston, who was also an antiwar activist,
coincidently possesing the same initials than JF Kennedy, may defeat Bush
regime and win?

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