Re: Lurkers of the world, Unite!

From: Phil Chappell (
Date: Mon Oct 25 2004 - 05:50:05 PDT

An eloquent post from Jay, and thanks for the historical context. The
more I write, the more I keep making my way back to the XMCA archives
to look at old discussions of current issues, and I did in fact notice
the waves of participation. I also noticed that then there were more
people posting who were new to the subjects discussed here. An
interesting thread that I came upon while looking for what people here
have to say about ethnography can be found by going to: and entering "ethnography" in the search field -
be sure to check "search lchc". Look for a topic on The Subject(s) of

My experiences when I was a newcomer here resonate with Jay's ideas
when he writes: "In my experience, the most senior (and academically
influential) members of this list are also the most willing to find
something interesting and discussable in postings by newcomers and
those who bring different perspectives to the group". My newcomer
postings were certainly met with replies from "oldtimers" who gave me
the time of day, and more so, they asked me questions back! That was a
real buzz!

Hang these bloody elections - Howard got back in and I'm still
gobsmacked! Hope the touch-screen voting instruments have memories.

Phil Chappell

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