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Date: Sat Oct 23 2004 - 23:15:32 PDT

>> Dear all,
>> On behalf of the newly organized electronic journal project
>> "Amsterdam International Journal for Cultural Narratology" (AJCN)
>> (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis)
>> I would like to announce the formal "call for papers" to its first
>> issue,
>> proposed to be launched online by the beginning o year 2005.
>> The details of the project are as follow:
>> Editors-in-Chief :  Professors Wolf Schmid & Willem G. Weststeijn
>> (University of Hamburg, University of Amsterdam, (ASCA) The Amsterdam
>> School for Cultural Analysis)
>> The entire project will be proposedly hosted within the ASCA
>> main-University site:
>> Executive/managing editor Dennis Eoffe. (University of Amsterdam).
>> Referees/Editorial Board is consistent of:
>> Mikhail Iampolsky of New York University
>> Andrey Astvatsaturov of Sankt Petersburg State University
>> Wolf Schmid of University of Hamburg
>> Mikhail Epstein of Emory University
>> Elena Grigorijeva of Tartu University
>> Natascha Drubek-Meyer of München University
>> Elena Trofimova of Moscow State University
>> Daniel Rancour-Laferriere of University of California, Davis
>> Elena Kosilova of Moscow State University
>> Vladimir Paperny of Haifa University
>> Evgeny Dobrenko of University of Nottingham
>> Vladimir Khazan of Jerusalem University
>> V.M. Lourie (Hieromonk Gregory)  «Xristianskij Vostok» (Christian
>> Orient) periodical of the Russian Academy of Sciences and State
>> Hermitage Museum, Editorial Board.
>> Leonid Heller of University of Lausanne.
>> Lena Szilard of Sassari University
>> Valery Merlin of Yad Va Shem Archival Institute of Jerusalem
>> Arkadii T. Dragomoschenko of Sankt Petersburg Humanitarian Academy
>> Igor Pilshchikov of Moscow State University's Institute of World
>> Culture and Russian Academy of Sciences' Institute of Linguistics
>> Nikolay E. Koposov, Dean of the SpB Branch of New York Bard College
>> of
>> Arts and Letters, and Sankt Petersburg State University.
>> Brian Horowitz of Tulane University.
>> AJCN intends to publish any methodologically adequate scholarly
>> essay,
>> with no restrictions of space/visual/graphics, dealing with the broad
>> issue of cultural narratology, in English, Russian, Dutch, German or
>> French.
>> Narratology of Culture is perceived here in the "conventional",
>> internationally approved, mildly balanced scholarly modus operandi.
>> It
>> is seen as an artificial stature of "universal humanitarian science",
>> absorbing the semiological bias of "sign-cognition issues", genuinely
>> becoming the General Theory of Textual Analysis. According to the
>> basic conceptual standpoints the narratology of culture is locating
>> itself within an intermediate position in between the structuralist
>> semiotics from one side and the "critique" of "reader's" reaction
>> i.e.
>> the receptionist aesthetics from another. The substantial concerns
>> and
>> contentions of AJCN are as following:
>> a)      the "communicative" perception of literariness
>> b)      the artistic act of communication is cognized in terms of a
>> polytonal, and at times reciprocal process, occurring simultaneously
>> within the several dissimilar "descriptive levels of recital"
>> c)      overall preoccupation with the issue of "the discourse"
>> d)      theoretical meditation over the different "poles" of
>> narrative-institutions, which maintain the very chain of transmitting
>> the artistic information from what is called "author" to what is
>> labeled as a "reader.
>> e)      the potential aim is to display the inner scheme of
>> mechanical
>> hierarchy, prevailing behind the complex relationship betwixt the
>> entities of "storytelling", "recital", "history", as uniting under
>> the
>> contextual "roof" of the narrative.
>> All the magnitude of modern thinkers, whose oeuvre deals with the
>> "discursive analysis" dispose, naturally the dormant interest for our
>> quiescent publications. The special desired accent, however, should
>> be
>> put on the scientific heritage of Mikhail Bakhtin, namely his ideas
>> on
>> the conflicting interrelation between the types of "the words" (i.e.
>> "the discourses"), impersonated "voices" within the artistic text.
>> ("Svoie slovo" vs "chuzhoie slovo").
>> We will be welcoming nearly every scholarly article, devoted to a
>> certain topic, within any field of humanities, which takes into
>> consideration (to some extent) the theoretical standpoints as
>> described above.
>> All the proposed scholarly texts should be forwarded to the managing
>> editor - Dennis Eoffe via
>> with the subject notification "proposed article for AJCN first
>> issue".
>> The deadline for all the potential submissions is December 2004.
>> Yours, cordially,
>> --
>> Dennis Eoffe
>> PhD Associate
>> University of Amsterdam
>> Slavic Seminaruim
>> Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA)
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