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From: Steve Gabosch (
Date: Mon Oct 18 2004 - 00:12:36 PDT

Thanks much, now I get it. Phillip had said "...but, it has led me to
consider, what is the prized, or privileged, style of discourse on xmca? i
do think that the emails messages of indicative of a certain excellence of
a particular writing genre, and that certain coups are gained from it."

For this way of using the term "coup" in this context, has a
most interesting definition:

"2. Among some tribes of North American Indians, the act of striking or
touching an enemy in warfare with the hand or at close quarters, as with a
short stick, in such a manner as by custom to entitle the doer to count the
deed an act of bravery; hence, any of various other deeds recognized by
custom as acts of bravery or honor.

"While the coup was primarily, and usually, a blow with something held in
the hand, other acts in warfare which involved great danger to him who
performed them were also reckoned coups by some tribes. --G. B. Grinnell.

"Among the Blackfeet the capture of a shield, bow, gun, war bonnet, war
shirt, or medicine pipe was deemed a coup. --G. B. Grinnell."


~ Steve

At 11:42 AM 10/17/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>good morning, Steve and everyone -
> a coup would be something witty, an accomplishment, a demonstration
> of one's positionality as a person of note.

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