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David and others,

Below is the latest info I got last week from the conference organizers in
Sevilla to post in the next issue of the electronic ISCAR Newsletter, which
will be coming up shortly.



Call for proposals
The program committee invites researches to send proposals that correspond
to one of
the congress themes.

A proposal can be submitted for:
* a paper that corresponds to one of the congress themes or
* a poster that corresponds to one of the (sub) themes of the
* a symposium that corresponds to one of the (sub) themes of the

All papers will be organised in symposium sessions.

All paper proposals must include: 1) title of paper, 2) author´s name, 3)
address, 4) e-mail address, 5) a 400-500 word summary (max), 6) a reference
to one of
the congress themes/topics.

All symposium proposals must include: 1) title of symposium, and a
indication of the
format chosen 2) title of papers, 3) name and address information (mail
addresses and
e-mail) of organisers and participants, 4) a 400-500 word summary (max) of
each paper,
and 5) a 250 word description (max) of the theme of the symposium clarifying
relation of the symposium to the congress theme or to one of its subthemes.
All singular poster proposals must include: 1) title of poster, 2) author´s
name, 3)
mailing address, 4) e-mail address, 5) a 400-500 word summary (max).
Proposals must be submitted by e-mail and sent to:

The discussions of the congress will be thematically related as much as
possible. In the
website of the congress ( you have a list of
issues that may be discussed during the congress. Participants should focus
presentations on one of these subthemes.

For symposium, paper and poster proposals: 10 January, 2005
Notification of acceptance/rejection: 15 March, 2005
Final digital versions of summaries: 7 April, 2005
Deadline for early registration: 15 May 2005
Final day for cancellation with refund (minus handling charges for both
registration and
hotel reservation): 15 July, 2005
Conference days: 20-24 September, 2005.

In the website there is an advance of the program, including keynote
speakers and
invited symposium. The keynote speakers scheduled are:
* Jerome Bruner. President of Honour
* The Politics of Identity and Agency: Trafficking of Girls and Women in
Nepal -
Mary Crawford
* Models of individual functioning - Paul Goudena
* A Cultural-Historical tradition of child development - Mariane Hedegaard
* ¿Cuántas especies humanas inteligentes han existido? La evidencia de
- Ignacio Martínez
* Who is Psyche? A reflection on the subject of Psychology - Alberto Rosa
* Voices of collective remembering - J.V. Wertsch

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> It is actually a good thing you raised the issue of ISCRAT, Steve! Can
> anybody provide an update regarding the congress? Deadlines,
> registration?
> David Preiss
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