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By the way, the book "Rethinking Science Education" has activity theory
inscribed throughout, though we don't make a big deal out of it. But my
4 chapters use Engeström kind of analyses, and Angie's chapters are
also marked by their neo-Marxist take on what science might be like
when we thought of it as everyday activity, in which students can
participate, so that really what we have to do is tear down the walls
that lock kids away... Something like it.

On 7-Oct-04, at 1:03 PM, Sophie Alcock wrote:

> Than you Peg.  The book by Slobin (referred to in this review) also
> sounds inspiring. This sort of take on science sounds so much more
> relevant, meaningful and fascinating than my school recollections of
> text books, the periodic table and...
> Sophie
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> Here's a link to Richard Frazier's new review of "Rethinking
> Scientific Literacy." by Wolff-Michael Roth and Angela Calabrese
> Barton.
> Peg
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