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From: Carlos Koelbl (
Date: Wed Oct 06 2004 - 05:18:34 PDT


thank you very much for the interesting bibliographical
information! I will try to get the literature.


Am 5 Oct 2004 um 9:44 hat Mike Cole geschrieben:

> No arguments, there Carlos. The Leontiev memory experiments ARE very
> interesting. You might also be interested in the Istomina and Maniulenko
> experiments that were published many years ago in Soviet Psychology and
> where, arguable, they are models of ecologically valid memory research
> using play settings. The Istomina work is very controversial because there
> have been several failures, and a couple of successes, in replicating. The
> Maniulenko experiment was replicated by Ivanova in Kharkov where it was
> originally conducted, but a few years ago. This was on self control, but
> not memory-- still interesting vis a vis eco validity. I believe that
> Rogoff was a co-author on the successful replication of Istomina, and Ivanova
> on also. In the Ivanova case, the basic finding is replicated but change
> occurs at earlier age, suggesting cultural-historical change.
> mike

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